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Polachet's Brand Chocolate Midnight Brownies







Puppy : Brownies

Sire : Blowhard of Angelica JP

Sire: Geiger of Angelica JP



Sire : Bravery JP Ascetic

Sire : Green Grass JP Wedge

Dam : Small Snow of Bravery JP

Dam : Quick Dame of Aesop House JP


Sire: Am.Ch.Bayard Be Still My Heart

Dam : Cloris of Kusunoki Maikosow


Dam : Rika of Angelica JP

Sire : Bravery JP Zaill

Sire : JKC.Ch.Espa of Yokkaichi Asai Palace

Dam : Bravery JP Amazon

Dam : Floris of Angelica JP

Sire : V.B.Club JP Bardo

Dam : V.B.Club JP Coronet

Dam :  Image's Chocolate Collaction

Sire : JKC.Ch.Southern Wave JP Rudiy

dan-1.jpg picture by olunlah

Sire : JKC.Ch.Southern Wave JP Dan


THIMU.jpg picture by olunlah

Sire : JKC.Ch.Southern Wave JP Tymm Arther

Dam : Fanny Of Tokugawa JP

Dam : JKC.Ch.Y.Bell JP Yukikage A.S


Sire : JKC.Am.Ch.Bliss Hoosier Sue's So

Dam : Abby Of Willow Eye JP

DSC00135.jpg picture by olunlah

Dam :  Image's Black File

Sire : Adjutant Of Power Stone T.L.K.

Sire : Southern Wave JP Renard

Dam : Elizabeth Of Pet Crow Company FCI

Dam : Image's Hot Spicy

Sire :
Fuji "Dodo"

Dam : Clio Of Power Stone T.L.K