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Sire :Th.Ch.Polachet's Brand Blue Loma

Sire: Little Hope JP Yamato

Sire : Tsubasa of Little Hope JP


Sire : JKC.Ch.Dragon Magic of Little Hope JP

Dam : JKC.Ch.Symphony of Little Hope JP

Dam : Bouquet of Little Hope JP

Sire : JKC.Ch.Hero of Little Hope JP

Dam : Chocolate of Little Hope JP

Dam :Image's Maruko


Sire :Th.Ch.Artemis JP Zelos

Sire : Int.Eng.Am.JKC.Ch.
Brilliant Win JP Famous Ambrose

Dam :JKC.Ch.Artemis JP Maria Talgarth

Dam :Image's Uptorw Girl

Sire :Artemis JP Notus Lucifer

DSC00980.jpg picture by olunlah
Dam :Image's One Moment In Time

Dam : Artemis JP Calla Talgarth

n14.jpg picture by olunlah

Sire : Am.Can.Ch.Minegold Talgarth

bravisimoCOLOR.jpg picture by olunlah

Sire : Am.Ch.Ouachitah Bravisimo

n5.jpg picture by olunlah

Sire :Am.Can.Ch.Minegold Take A Look

n8.jpg picture by olunlah

Dam :Am.Ch.Onlyone Ouachitah Cricket

n13.jpg picture by olunlah

Dam : Genbrook's Bebette

n7.jpg picture by olunlah

Sire : Am.Can.Ch.Ouachitah
Masterpiece CD CDG

Dam : Am.Ch.Burgundy Lil Milady's Kiss

Dam : Artemis JP

Phea Lucifer


Lucifer.jpg Lucifer picture by olunlah

Sire :Eng.JKC.Ch. Bramerita Lucifer


BlueLagoon1-2.jpg picture by olunlah

Sire : Eng.Ch.Amarose

Blue Lagoon

Dam : Bramerita Juanita

emerald1.jpg picture by olunlah

Dam : JKC.Ch.Bramver JP  Artemis Emerald

n16.jpg picture by olunlah

Sire : Am.Ch.Dartan's Lil' Rascal

n11.jpg picture by olunlah

Dam : Am.Ch.Dartan Femme Fatale